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So you need an new replacement vinyl liner for your inground pool? Why choose Affordable Pool? In one word?



Affordable Pool Repair’s Vinyl Liner Replacement Specialists are trained to the highest standards to ensure the best fit for your new vinyl liner renovation. Affordable Pool’s takes a multitude of measurements of the inside and outside of your swimming pool in order ensure a great fit.We have approximately 60 patterns to choose from with some of the newest technology and patterns available. Affordable Pools also have the best, most comprehensive warranties available today, which we are willing to put into writing because Affordable Pools has stood behind its products and workmanship for over 20 years!

Other liner replacement companies either order liners, off the shelf, or just don’t take enough measurements. The end result is that the liner will not last. Affordable Pool’s offers 4 different series of vinyl replacement liners. Please give us a call to learn more about each liner and to view the available patterns and Vinyl Liner Protection Programs.Once again, you owe it to yourself to choose a contractor that can provide the type of support the Affordable Pools can offer you.


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