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Pool finishes contribute greatly to the overall look of a swimming pool as the color of the water can easily be influenced by the pool interior. Polished aggregate pool finishes incorporate the use of fine pieces of colored stones, which include granite, marble and quartz. This kind of finish is quickly becoming more popular than the traditional pool plaster in places like Newmarket, New Hampshire. This guide will help you better understand the properties of polished aggregate pool interiors so that you can…
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The pool coping and finish has a huge influence on the design of a swimming pool. A good swimming pool finish would be able to provide good friction under wet conditions, make the swimming pool look great and require low maintenance. Exposed aggregate pool interiors are very low cost and versatile compared to other options like pool tiles, and they also offer better performance than traditional pool plasters. This guide will help you gain more knowledge about exposed aggregate pool interiors if you…
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Stone Pool Tiles

  September 30, 2015      Swimming pool renovation     No Comments

Swimming pool owners around areas like Hampton, New Hampshire are increasingly moving towards choosing stone pool tiles for their swimming pool design. Such pool tiles can have a variety of natural stones as the main source, including marble, granite, onyx, limestone and slate. If you are considering using stone pool tiles for your swimming pool, this guide will help you with your decision. Stone pool tiles are best used when you want the swimming pool to blend in perfectly with its natural surroundings….
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Glass Pool Tiles

  September 29, 2015      Swimming pool renovation     No Comments

Swimming pools around Exeter, New Hampshire are seeing a new trend of owners choosing to use glass pool tiles for the interior of their pool. Glass pool tiles are very attractive and they come in a very large variety of shapes, sizes, colors and textures. The touch of elegance it adds to the swimming pool makes it stand out more as a work of art. If you are considering choosing glass pool tiles for your swimming pool, this guide will help you better…
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Pool Tile Finish

  September 28, 2015      Swimming pool renovation     No Comments

The interior of a pool has a huge effect on the look and feel of the swimming pool. Whether you plan to construct an in-ground pool or renovate an existing pool, a good interior finish will not only provide comfort to the swimmer’s feet, but would also be stylish and durable. There are many different pool finishes available in Derry, which gives you a great variety of options while you are deciding the design of your swimming pool. Pool tiles are one of…
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Pool Pebble Plaster

  September 25, 2015      Swimming pool renovation     No Comments

Traditional pool plasters are a mixture of cement and marble. It is white in color and smooth to touch, and it has been in use since more than half a century. Most swimming pools throughout the US, including the ones in Londonderry, use the traditional pool plaster which has a light, shimmering blue color, but pool owners see many problems with these plasters. Traditional pool plasters are porous and they react with harsh pool chemicals. They are more susceptible to permanent stains and…
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